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PTs Men’s club

placed in the center of nowhere housed in a big nondescript building is something that resembles a wild, big frat party. Depending on how you look at it could be a best or bad thing. That is weekly specials, booze, and it even stays open until 4 am Thursday- Sunday. One thing for sure if you run into someone’s college age daughter on stage you can both work like it never happened.

The clubhouse

This location is best in a divey sort of way. What is even amazing is knowing that Vinnie Paul Abbott, of Pantera fame cofounded the joint with his brother and Pantera band mate, the end “Dimebag” Darrel. Entrance will set you back $20 but you keep money on booze since it is BYOB. Rock and roll.

Silver city cabaret

This is the biggest strip club in Texas with 4 stages of topless views no issue where you are sitting. But being the biggest strip club also means being the most recognizable, placed just off congested I-35. If you are looking to be incognito ensure to park in the back or use the discreet VIP entrance.

The Mens club

This is the kind of place Hugh Hefner himself would run if he were in the strip club biz. There is a cigar room, swimming pool, and a wine selection that would make even the top sommelier raise an eyebrow, just ask Wine spectator. In simple words, one just does not make it rain here, one enjoys a perfect glass of red and uses their black card to enjoy the joy of charming female companionship.

The Lodge

This club embodies the top of a authentic men’s lodge just with charming half-naked ladies. But perhaps the top thing about this establishment its atmosphere. The entryway would make Ernest Hemingway feel at home and there is also a library. And upstairs, the VIP lounge was modeled after Ricks Cabaret from Casablanca. Needless to say this location is more Frank Sinatra than Li Wayne. Order a scotch and cigar and enjoy the view.

Super mint Rhino

There are Beer Bucket Monday and other monthly sports watching events, why watch a game at the home when you can do it in the firm of half-naked ladies and ice-cold beer? What we are trying to say is this a casual reply to other more polish gentlemen’s clubs.