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Celebrate a 30th or 40th Birthday Party with Exotic Dancers in Des Moines Iowa

Birthday party and strippers in Des Moines Lowa

Rent Kayaks

For those who want to become more dynamic with their party, you can rent Kayaks at Grays lake for $ per hour. You can rent at Kayaks at Raccoon River Retreats for $30 with kind shuttle service – you can pick how long you want to go out based on which way you pick. Both places will offer all of the equipment you will need so you do not have to hesitate about bringing anything but lots of sunscreen.

Go on a cupcake crawl

Who says crawls have to just involve alcohol? Make a way that hits all of your best cupcake spots or whatever treat you are wanting to treat in. renting a limo to drive you around makes it more luxurious and solves the issue of who is driving and what vehicles to go in. Scratch cupcakery is also a choice.


This site will support you find a program that needs volunteer workers near you that jobs with every person schedules or you can work with Hope Ministries and dish up food with their meals for hope program. Keep Lowa beautiful is another domestic group who is forever looking for volunteer help.

Hold a romantic film marathon at home

Hopefully you will already what the brides for favorite films are but if you do not, go with classic likes Princes Bride or Casablanca or When Harry Met Sally. This would be a best idea for a winter bachelor party to avoid going out in the cold. Make thrill cocktails to drink or gourmet warm chocolate and order in a pizza. Make it a night of enjoyment and seeing people failing in love.

Visit a fortune/psychic teller

Even if you do not trust in them, it is still amazing to view what they say your future will hold especially for the bride and what her future will look like. Voices from heaven is also another choice in case Vision Psychics is not accessible.

Go glamping

You can spend just single night or make it a long weekend. You will get out of town though not too far and will be capable to spend the night in a non-hotel place where you can play the traditional “hen party” games or having an at home spa day.