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Most people have fixed notions of what it is like to be an exotic dancer. Despite the rumors, both positive and negative, the work is ultimately dependent and neutral on the stripper in question. It is a top-income, unskilled, unreliable work that can be at times both exhausting and exhilarating.

Becoming a hot dancer is a wonderful opportunity to take control of your own life emotionally, financially, and physically. It needs no college education and many ladies become exotic dancers to pay their way through college. From ladies who have worked on Wall Street to women paying their way via school, pole dancing has kept so many women’s careers, lives, their homes, and even their kids from the substitute of losing their homes and their jobs in the economy.

The underworld of hot dancing has emerged from a maze of mystery and false impression into the mainstream with media coverage from appreciated sources such as Fox news, Own, CNBC, and more. Unfortunately, every time a stripper says or does something “irresponsible” or “stupid” it ends up on the news and that hurts the “perception” of the industry. Few best stories have ever been reported but they amount to many all across the nation and over the globe. You will get the truth here.

With all of the status and power you have as a sexy dancer it is as simple as ever to fall into the typical banes of society of the fortune and fame from ANY industry bring you when you come into it quickly, including alcohol addiction, drugs, and unprotected irresponsible sex. Just think of how some musicians, actors, and expert athletes have fallen into this lifestyle. It is because anytime people have monetary gain fast they do not appreciate the worth of it as much, and can resort to careless behavior that is not conductive to their full success. This is known as Lottery Winners Syndrome.

I will support you to reject this scenario if you heed my words in this post and approach sexy dancing as a real business. The core issue here is that most athletes, dancers, musicians, actors and other entrepreneurs for that matters does not approach their career as a long-term, logical aim that is objective is laser targeted on improving their financial place in life as well as physical and emotional well-being. Eighty percent of businesses fail within the first five years of their existence.