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Portland exotic dancers
Portland exotic dancers

Portland Oregon Exotic Dancers

You are at the bar with your colleagues, a pint of an obscure, domestically brewed IPA in your hand. Depeche mode and DC/AC are taking turns blasting on the speakers. It just happens there is a fully naked ladies performing feats of amazing athleticism in front of you, and you are throwing down the amazing part of your day’s wages. It is just another night out in the Portland strip club place.

Besides liberalism, beer and vegan food, Portland is most famous for its absurd amount of strip clubs. And for best reason: we have the most per capita of any city in the world. The Ultimate Strip Club List (NSFW) and then cross referencing those outcomes with the outcomes for a strip club search on Google Maps and Yelp. By their estimation, Portland has fifty-four strip clubs – the second most in the America just behind Houston, which has 4 times Portland population.

Strip club for literally everyone

There are dancers and clubs for every person style, from the intimate rocks n roll-themed Devils Point and the gaudy Spyce Gentlemen clubs to the famous dive-vibe sassy’s or the blue-collar place Club 205. Vegas? We have a place for you. Actually, there are two. Bored with generic hip-hop enjoying at the club? Go to the one of our hard-rock, punk, or metal strip clubs and slam some PBR while a stripper does one arm push-up onstage. Do you just want to listen to rap while a lady gets bare and bounces her ass on your face? We have a lot of locations for that, too.

Not only are the performers sexy, but they are talented as athletes

Above all, strip clubs are about the hot strippers. And Portland stripper are hundred percent top-notch. They do astound feats of athletics and acrobatics, arouse and titillate, amuse, comfort, and even educate. There is a factor we host a yearly Miss Exotic contest here, for the sheer amount of expertise in athletics and performance. And whether or not Portland is popular for “booty,” our dancers are some of the most charming ladies and men you have ever seen in your life. They can hit really mind-numbing, pock-emptying levels of attractiveness, and not only because they are physically best looking, but because they are masters of their craft – engaging, talented and attractive, from the new lady to the stage for the first time, to the veterans who have worked the pole and private dance rooms for years.