Provincetown Massachusetts Exotic Dancers

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Provincetown, Massachusetts, is a wonderful year-round vacation place, home to a lighthouses, sandy beaches, special restaurants and museums, a vibrant downtown. A famous getaway from New York city and Boston, this striking New England town is placed at the tip of Cape Cod, MA.

Attractions and strippers in Provincetown Massachusetts

Commercial street

Commercial street is a famous shopping street in Provincetown. In addition to its many shops and restaurants, there are stunning houses and gardens, some of which are visitor houses, so strolling on commercial street is a pleasing and entertaining thing to do.

Herring cove beach

Placed on province lands road, herring cove beach is the most famous beach in Provincetown. One of the factors that this beach is so famous is its place, it lies on the bay and so the water is relax and best for swimming even for kids. Unlike Race point beach, there is no undertow and the water is hotter at Herring Cove Beach.

Beech forest

Beech forest is placed on Race Point Road in Provincetown. There is a parking place and trail that leads visitors to this shady place of trees, a landscape that is pretty a contrast from the vast dune system of the surrounding place. Before European settlement, beech tree forests were general, but today this is one of the few remaining beech forests in the place.

Provincetown museum and art association

Placed on commercial street, Art museum and association in Provincetown is the most famous museum on Cape Cod. The museum has a lasting collection of over 2,500 objects and shows about forty exhibits each year, making the museum a vital cultural and educational institution in Provincetown and neighboring Cane Cod area.

Provincetown Theater

Placed on Bradford Street, Provincetown theater is a year-round theater actually called as the Provincetown theater workshop. Founded in 1963, its primary production took place in the Parish house of St. Mary’s of the Provincetown harbor.

Impulse art gallery

There is no excellent souvenir from your trip to Provincetown than a job of art created by a domestic artist or inspired by the timeless landscape of Cape Cod. This art gallery placed in the center of commercial street, has been city symbol since 1984, it made its name by providing unique, real artwork of established as well as up-and-coming domestic, international and American artists.