Puerto Rico Exotic Dancers

Celebrate a 30th or 40th Birthday Party with Exotic Dancers in San Juan Puerto Rico

Generally, when we discuss about a place, we try to highlight experiences that are special to that area. Anyway, if you are having a bachelor party in Puerto Rico, then you might not want to miss a visit to the stylish Senor Frogs. Yes, you know Senor Frogs, they are popular restaurant/bar chain that appears in many of the globe most famous beachside party cities. If you have travelled in the Caribbean in the past, you have likely been in a Senor Frogs, maybe on spring break. Anyway, the consistently entertainment party environment is actually why we think they should be on your list. Whether you are enjoying a chilled-out night or a more hyper foam party, we know it is a remarkable location to party.

Looking for a more grown-up fun experience? Look no additional than Ultra Lounge/Club Brava. This location is more NYC nightclub than tropical island hotspot, so come dressed to make an impression, prepared to pay a cover charge, and reservations beforehand are probably a remarkable idea. What do you get for your issue? The top DJs and most consistently chill party in Puerto Rico.

We love a guided trip to start out a night of partying, and the Puerto Rico spirits gathers elements of all of our best types of tours. Rum, food and best stories about the history of San Juan all come combine in this tour. If you want more stories and less drink and food, the same company provides a more generic nighttime walking trip that gets you inside of many buildings that are generally closed at nighttime.

Strippers in San Juan Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico adult fun is definitely geared towards a male audience. This is real whether the people stripping are gals or guys, so be forewarned if you decide to venture out to any strip clubs when you are in Puerto Rico.

SX is the best male stripper bar, though it is probably better explained as a brothel than a bar. We powerfully advise wearing closed-toe shoes if you visit, because the floor is, funky, uh. That said, if you hit there in the early evening, you may get to view some truly hit go-go boys shaking their things before they begin hinting for customers.

Frankly, if you want the hot stripper experience in city, we strongly advise hiring private dancers to come into your party villa or hotel.