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Richmond, the Virginia state capital, lies on the James River in the heart of the state and has deep links to 2 big eras in American history. It was hotbed of independence in colonial times and served as the Confederacy capital during the Civil war, when it was the scene of more than 5 years of battles as Confederate troops struggled to protect it from Union capture. When that finally occurred, it was retreating Confederate military that set fire to the storehouses, start the fire that damaged much of the antebellum city.

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John Marshall House

John Marshall House was the famous jurist house and is one of the few remaining Federal-style houses in the region. The 4th chief justice of the American supreme court, Marshall served from 1801 to 1835 and his court opinions established different crucial ideas of constitutional administration. Most vital of these was making the Supreme court an equal branch of administration with the Congress and the president and reinforcing the rule that federal law took priority over state laws. His house, within walking space of the state capital, is furnished with the nation’s biggest set of Marshall family furniture and historical objects, plus the biggest set of Richmond Federal period furnishings.


The Maymont estate was left to the city of Richmond by Sallie Dooley and James, who built it in the late 1890s, and lived here through 1925. It contains the arboretum, mansion, several gardens, a 100-acre park, carriage collection and a child petting farm. The mansion itself is a museum, furnished and restored in the opulent and luxurious style famous in the late 1800s when the Dooleys first live here. It is crowded with the treasures they got in their travels around the globe and is the essence of the Gilded Age when millionaires showed and like their wealth pretty publicity.

Wickham house

The Wickham house historical and national landmark is a remarkable model of nineteen century Federal structural design, especially famous for some of the best cases of interior decorative painting in America. It presents how prominent Richmond families lived and offers a glimpse into their private globe. At different times, the basement floor is also available to public, showing how the household slaves lived and worked.