San Diego Bachelor Party

San Diego bachelor party

Ideas Gentlemen Celebrate Your Bachelor Party in San Diego

Here are some of the best San Diego bachelor party ideas:

Girls gone wild

Male strippers are so 80s, but that does not mean you cannot play. If the majority of your wedding visitors are couples, why not plan your bachelorette or bachelor parties on the same night?

After you and the ladies have had your chance to enjoy solo, plan to meet up with the guys at a pre-determined place and time. The guys will have all had their chance to get hot, too, and by the end of the evening all the couples will be reunited for the result of the nights fun.

Shop til you drop

Bear in mind how in the film pretty woman Julia Roberts was given Richard Gere credit card and told to go have excitement on a shopping spree? If you have got a gal pal who will most likely plan a shower for you, ask her to host a bachelor party instead. Combine up a group of your top friends and arrange to meet at a outlet center or mall. Ahead of time, have each lady sign up for a designated type of gift: for example, linens, kitchen supplies, shoes, lingerie, bridal accessories, or honeymoon outfits. When every person at the shopping center, assign each partygoer to a different store where they can provide you a spending limit and let you find a gift. Yes break it down and get some cool jerseys or somethings to remember on your bachelor party in San Diego.

An old-fashioned slumber party

If the last time you be present at a slumber party was when you were a teenager, it is time to get past thinking they are just for children. Invite your girlfriends to spend the night at your location and tell each of them to bring something to sleep on. Next, pick a theme: for example, you could plan a “Spa Night”, where every person takes turn getting and giving pedicures, manicures, facials or hand treatments. Just supply the ingredients and let every person get into the sprit by mixing and matching portions, lotions and nail polish glitz.

Ahead of the class

If you are the kind who just loves to learn, why not celebrate your particular mania by indulging in a class of some type? Around town there are many cooking schools that provides 1-day classes that spec a demonstration of cooking cuisines or techniques, followed by a meal shared by all. Or, you could coordinate a unique dance lesson for you and your pals.

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