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Hiring a stripper in San Diego presents a lot of challenges, so if you are just visiting, here are a few pointers to ensure you have a remarkable time.

• Hire from a best provider. If you freestyle on classified websites and get ripped off, you were warned.
• Never pay up front. Just pay when you view girl in person and approve her.
• If you are not happy with the lady that shows up to your room for any reason, politely decline. Call the provider back and they will cheerfully send another until you are happy.
• Having said that, consensual sex between 2 adults is legal as long as cash is not used to influence consent. If you hire a private stripper to come to your room, do not try to trade money for sex. That is prostitution. Tip generously for her dance, behave like a gentleman, and may be the luck of Vegas will shine on you. Be smart, do not destroy the law. We do not want to go to jail. We do not endorse prostitution. So stay secure.

Getting strippers to your room from strip clubs

Thinking logically, one might guess that strip clubs are a best place to find strippers willing to do in your hotel room. And definitely it can be done, but a few things to consider.

Sexy girls can earn several 1,000 dollars a night dancing in a club. They are surrounded by managers and security if the customers give them any problems. They have regulars they can count on for simple cash. They get drinks mixed by top-class bartenders. The music is amazing.

Why would they risk all that for a few 100 dollars, only to be holed up in a hotel room, fully insecure, and have no idea what they are getting into? Most of them will pass.

Secondly, the club depends on those ladies for revenue. They bring in the customers, they keep the customers in the building, and the ladies all pay a house fee.

Taking advice from a Limo, Street promoter, Lyft, Uber, Limo driver

Street drivers and promoters in San Diego play all angles to get as much cash from you, the visitor, as possible. This contains sending you to sub-par venues and advising girls that pay them the most money.

Again, they do not have a site or a business you can review if things go sour. Once they have your cash, they are off into the night, never to be viewed again.