Toronto Canada Exotic Dancers

We offer female strippers in many areas of the country for Hen Night Party’s, Birthdays, Stag Night Party’s or just to thrill your night out or party at home. With one of our super amazing experienced entertainers doing their thing, the night out in City of Toronto is truly going to explode.

Your female stripper will come to almost any place you like from clubs to pubs or even to your house. The price you pay, which we negotiate with you at time of bookings, covers all expenses adding costume and travel. Our entertainers are happy for images to be taken and to sign or kiss most body parts. Please note anyway that kissing/touching is by invitation only. Our lady strippers in City of Toronto are extremely famous so we advise that you have a few substitutes in mind when you phone up in case your number one choice is unavailable. Now, it is the best time to feast your eyes on our big choice!

How long does the performance last for?

Our female dancers will generally perform for approximately 15-20 minutes but like all entertainers they love the focus so keep cheering if you want them to keep performing. Your stripper will generally do several performances for different customers in different places so we guess them to put on a remarkable performance but please bear in mind that they cannot stay all night.

Is it a set routine or can I pick what they do?

You will find that most of our ladies strippers from Toronto will have a routine that they have honed to perfection to please and tease. They do try to keep customers relax and most will try to accommodate request into the routine. It is up to the individual stripper to plan if they are willing or even capable to do what you ask as part of their routine. In most circumstances the lady stripper you hire will undertake all but the strangest of requests. You can ask but please value that their decision is final.

What is the difference between a stripogram, female stripper, or kissogram?

Well they are truly extremely similar services anyway if you book a female stripper in Toronto they will tend to perform a full strip whereas stripogram or kissogram tends to be a bit more tongue in cheek with a partial strip and definitely a kiss. If you let your lady stripper know of any limitations on how naked they should get before the performance then they will try to stick to your wishes. Anything but a complete strip may not be famous with your other guests.