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Celebrate a 30th Birthday Party in Las Vegas

From museums to shows, and shopping to culinary experiences, Vegas does everything on a big scale. There are so many remarkable experiences you can enjoy here that no single list can hope to cover them all. But I hope you will find places to celebrate a 30th birthday party in this amazing city. Get your Las Vegas exotic dancers today for your event.

Enjoy a gondola ride at the Venetian

From the costumes to the serenades, the gondoliers at the Venetian come quite close to the true thing. Include a gondola ride within the casino along the Grand Canal is a fun thing to perform when you visit Las Vegas. You will float under brides and past restaurants and cafes, with people walking along the pathways on either side, just like in Venice.

Do a tour to Death Valley National Park

Las Vegas holidays to enjoy the places at Death Valley National Park at a somewhat relaxed pace. But if you are up for it, and prepared to leave early and return late, you can perform it as a day tour. For many open-air lovers, a tour to Death Valley is the highlight of a tour to Vegas. And when you view the remarkable otherworldly desert vistas at the park, you will understand why.

Walk the stripe and admire the facades

If you walk along Las Vegas Boulevard, a.k. the strip, you can view the gawkworthy exteriors of the different resort properties. Walking south to north, some highlights you will view: the big Sphinx at the Luxor, the castle turrets of the Excalibur, and the NYC skyline and the status of Liberty at NYC. Las Vegas exotic dancers are available for any party your having.

Drive Red Rock Canyon

Just sixteen miles from Las Vegas is the charming Red Rock Canyon state park. Here you can perform the 1 way thirteen-mile scenic drive through the park. You will view remarkable red sandstone formations and charming vistas. You can stop to admire the view and to take images at stops along the drive, have a picnic in perfect weather, and just enjoy being in the peace and quiet of the wonderful park.

Do a helicopter trip over the Grand Canyon

For a remarkable way to view the Grand Canyon, book a helicopter ride from Las Vegas. You will soar over Hoover Dam and Lake Mead before traveling over desert vistas en route to the wonderful Grand Canyon. You will love the big image windows and comfy seats. You can opt for a trip that lands on the floor of the Big Canyon for lunch before you return to Las Vegas. How remarkable is that? The helicopter rides are pricey, but fully value it!